Saturday, May 22, 2010

Simplifying the Process

Welcome to Simplify Supper's blog! If you know me or have been to my website, you know that I am big on family dinner! Dinner time is such an ideal family time and I think most of us want to sit down to family dinner but it's the hassle involved and the planning it takes that keeps us from doing so. I used to spend hours pouring over cookbooks, handwriting recipes and making shopping lists. Then it was a trip to the grocery store with my four kids which usually resulted in me buying way more than what was on the list and forgetting essential ingredients for the meals I had planned so it was back into the minivan and another trip to the store which ended with one or more of us kicking and screaming. Anyone with kids can understand the frustration of making several trips to the grocery store and still not having the eggs or milk we went in for and asking the question, "How did those Twinkies get in the cart?"

In an effort to simplify this process I went looking for a website that would not only give me recipes, but also help me with a shopping list and a calendar of meals. When I couldn't find what I was looking for I decided to create one of my own. Simplify Supper was born and now sitting down to a home cooked meal most nights is so simple! It has been really exciting to see how the website has helped so many people like me do the same! I am grateful that I can do something I love and share it with others!